Utilities Solutions

Manage Your Assets and Communicate with Customers

CGIS Solutions offers focused applications that help you leverage your geographic information to improve utility operations, manage leaks and outages, maintain safety and compliance, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Sample Solutions

Utility Networks

Provide employees secure access and markup of utility network information. Accessing and editing of information can be accomplished at the desktop, and easily in the field utilizing any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.


Asset Management and Field Inspections

A suite of applications used to access and maintain comprehensive utility asset records in both the office and field. Operations and maintenance staff can easily gain access and conduct paperless on-site inspections.

Customer Service Lookup

Allow potential customers to input an address and view availability of utility services, as well as provide them with instructions and contact information.


Inform Citizens

Provide the public detailed information about maintenance activities, construction projects, advisories, as well as allow them to submit requests for service, and review social media feeds.

Respond to Emergencies

Applications to help analysts and field crews isolate and communicate breaks, leaks, and outages to emergency services personnel as well as customers during an emergency.